Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already /mastered, you will never grow.

Piles is a problem from which ALMOST 70% of population is suffering. So it has tremendous scope everywhere.
Piles training programme will be of 2 types
1. All Graduates, MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, BPT, BUMS, General Practitioner’s who intend to included proctology in there practice.
2. Surgen who intend to include Ksharsutra, Ksharkarm and Agnikarma in their practice.
Certification: Certificate would be awarded to only successful candidates.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the relevant surgical anatomy for the management of common benign anorectal problems
  • To guide participants regarding approach to a patient with Haemorrhoids, Fissure, Fistula in ano and Pilonidal Sinus
  • To update about the standard and latest techniques in the management of these conditions
  • To discuss difficult situations and complications of surgical procedures for ano-rectal problems
  • To provide hands-on Surgery training on some of the commonly performed ano-rectal procedures


NEW BATCH FROM - 25/06/2022 , last date for Registration : 15/06/2022
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- Anatomy of Anorectum
- Physiology 
- Prepration of Different types of Ksharsutra and usage
- Kshar Sutra procedure for Haemorrhoids/Fistula.

A. Anorectal abscess and fistula: This session starts with a revision of the relevant anal anatomy and in the definition is explains the how the two conditions are related. It goes on to outline the aetiology and classification. It then describes the symptoms and diagnosis before concluding with the relevant treatments.

B. Pilonidal Disease: This session explores the aetiology of the disease, symptoms, assessment using a staging system and appropriate surgical treatments.

C. Haemorrhoids : The session defines this common condition and describes its aetiology. It then explains the symptoms and diagnosis. It goes on to identify the non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

D. Anal fissures: This smaller session defines the condition, describes the symptoms and diagnosis. It also shows the non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

RUBBER Band Ligation: A procedure in which band is applied on Haemorrhoids. It is a OPD procedure hardly takes 15-20 minutes, if done properly it is a painless OPD procedure

Sclerotherapy: An OPD procedure in which grade 1 and grade 2 Haemorrhoids are injected with sclerosing agent at base of Haemorrhoids, It is very technical opd procedure completely painless.

Cryosurgery: OPD procedure for internal haemorrhoids,,painless ,proven technique over decades.


Medico legal aspects in anorectal disorders.
Course Fee: 30,000/-
Course duration: 15 days.

Course type b (Advance Course)   Last Date for Registraion : 22/05/2022
This is the specialised training course to make doctor aware of all latest technical modalities, their operation and their handling along with golden therapeutics of Ayurveda for treatment of anorectal diseases.

  • Kshar Sutra procedure for treatment of Haemorrhoids / Fistula in ANO.
  • Rubber Banding painless opd technique
  • Sclerotherapy painless opd technique
  • Cryosurgery opd technique
  • Open and closed Haemorrhoidectomy
  • Infra red coagulation (IRC).
  • Doppler technique for Haemorrhoids(most popular European technique( THD)
  • Fibrin glue/ Anofistula Plug for treatment of Anal Fistula.

All treatment of Fissure

  • Lateral anal sphincterotomy( closed and open).
  • Posterior sphincterotomy at 6
  • Lord’s Dilatation(anal stretch)
  • Treatment of WARTS/CORNS

We will make you capable to treat each anorectal procedure within 15-20 minutes.
Course Fee: 80,000rs
Course duration: 10 days.